About Us



Nik Spruill is a high fashion apparel and lifestyle brand specializing in luxury couture garments. Dedicated to the strong, confident, powerful female living a healthy lifestyle. We pride ourselves in giving you exceptional quality pieces that are unique, distinctive, and fashionable, each making it's own statement.

Ready-To-Wear Collection Captures on- trend fashion with incredible quality craftsmanship. A stylish look that will travel from day to night. Luxury meets streetstyle and flair, giving you a complete head to toe stylish look. 

Haute Couture Collection takes innovation to great heights! High- end custom pieces with a unique, bold, contemporary design. Metallics, vibrant hues, distinctive patterns and embellishments add to it's distinctive style and flair. Organza, three dimensional laser cuts, clear vinyl, and neoprene scuba fabric take it over the top! Fashion forward jackets, edgy tops, skirts and shorts, make up this powerful couture collection.

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